Working in Florida

Working in Florida

Florida is the Sunshine State where snowbirds, retirees, and families flock to take advantage of the warm and pleasant year-round climate. Employment rates vary greatly throughout the year because several factors are involved in calculating accurate figures.

Seasonal and temporary employment is greater than any state in the continental United States. Tourism is a major factor due to the presence of Orlando's Disney properties and other attractions as well as the beach resorts which border the majority of the peninsula.

Fluctuation must carefully be considered. In summer months when families vacation in Florida, residents head back to cooler climates. This affects the healthcare industry greatly as well as hospitality and tourism.

The healthcare boom started in Florida and is a major projected growth area. In conjunction with the active aging population, insurers, medical suppliers and home healthcare companies employ extensively and rapid expansion in medical professions is forecasted.

Tax laws make residing in Florida attractive. However, baby boomers spend a little less than half of their time at second residences in northern states where they are employed. Therefore, statistical analysis of Florida's employment picture is often skewed due to the transient nature of the population.

Registered nurses followed by computer programmers are the most advertised jobs in most regions. In Lakeland, candidates for occupational and physical therapists were the most requested. In Miami, retail workers had several job openings available.


The unemployment rate is 8.3 %. The occupational sectors seeking the most employees are healthcare and sales. Companies offering the most vacancies are Suppressed, Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System, and McDonald's.


In Jacksonville the unemployment rate is 7.9%. Healthcare and retail occupational sectors seek the most workers. Employers advertising the most jobs are Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., Duval County Public Schools, and Pizza Hut, Inc.


The unemployment rate is 9.1%. Healthcare and social services followed by the retail sector seek the most workers. Lakeland Regional Medical Center, Polk County Public School District, and McDonald's advertised the most vacancies.

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

The unemployment rate in Lakeland is 8.3%. Retail, and healthcare and social services industries search for the most employees. McDonald's, AT&T and Macy's advertised the most vacancies.


The unemployment rate is 8.2%. Sales, management and healthcare occupations seek the most employees. Employers with the greatest vacancies are Florida Hospital, IBM, and Orlando Health.


Tallahassee, the state capital, has the lowest state unemployment rate of 6.7%. Management, healthcare practitioners and technical occupations are in the greatest demand. Employers with the most vacancies are Suppressed, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, and Deloitte Development LLC.

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater

The unemployment rate is 8.5%. Employees in the healthcare and the retail sectors are sought the most. IBM, Hillsborough County Public Schools and BayCare Health System advertised the most vacancies.

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