Career Development and Training in Vermont

Career Development and Training in Vermont

Vermont JobLink

Vermont JobLink (VJL) is an employment portal federally mandated by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Assistance is available to both employees and employers.

Employees have access to self-serve job databases, labor market information, resume and cover letter writing and self-assessments. In-personal appointments are also an option and offered at the many One Stop Career Centers (OSCC) located statewide.

Employers also benefit from VJL. Through VJL and the OSCCs, companies can post jobs, search an online resume database or have the service screen candidates according to specific hiring needs.

Training providers can also register with the system in order to prepare employees for jobs. These resources can help businesses that hire apprentices, on-the-job trainee candidates, or entry-level applicants develop strategies to make the match a success for both parties.

Vermont JobLink can be contacted at

This is an excellent online tool that gives a realistic flavor of the job market in Vermont. Job seekers can research anything from existing job openings, best hiring seasons, or potential employers screens. Employers are offered insight into the current worker pool and what programs are available to assist them in filling positions with a person who possesses the perfect skill set.

A valuable source on is a comprehensive series of articles designed to encourage displaced workers, new job seekers, and employers as well. Those looking for productive work can peruse interesting and upbeat narratives on topics such as starting a home business, dressing for interviews, managing finances during unemployment, and spotting a job scam.

The article database for job seekers offers practical tools and instructions on how to prepare for a job search, get one's foot in the door, get hired, and maintain employment. Information on the career fair season in Vermont, job descriptions, up-to-date job databases, resume and cover letter writing, social media networking, time management skills and other helpful tips provide anyone interested in finding a new job or moving into a new career a positive outlook with this wealth of narratives and resources.

Employers have access to an archive of pieces written to provide perspectives of what existing employers should know about the 21st century job market. Many of the writers broach topics with particular emphasis on new multi-level changes in government laws and polices since the commencement of the federal Workforce Investment Act.

Some authors explain how the spectrum of knowledge and skill sets has dynamically changed and how this may affect recruiting. Additionally, there is an abundance of material for entrepreneurs and start-ups that need consulting but lack funds inherent to new venture budgets. Checklists of immediate budget essentials, human resource assessment and management overviews, and sources of grants and public assistance are covered as well.

Vermont Small Business Development Center

Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) advises entrepreneurs, startups, and all new companies doing business in Vermont the benefit of no-cost business consulting from experienced community members. Low-cost training services are also offered to those beginning new ventures which benefit commerce and economy in Vermont.