Career Development and Training in Pennsylvania

Career Development and Training in Pennsylvania

Private sector programs

By developing the Keystone Works Jobs Program, employers are financially rewarded for temporarily hiring Pennsylvanians receiving unemployment benefits. Primarily, by proposing tax incentives and credits, private enterprises have another incentive to fill vacancies and create new openings.

The governor's office in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) created the Targeted Industry Cluster Certificate Program which provides grants to students seeking certifications in sectors which promise the most job growth such as energy, agriculture and construction.

The State Civil Service Commission

Because Pennsylvania puts more people to work in public jobs second only the U.S federal government, after the Great Depression, the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) was designed to recruit, test, monitor and evaluate employees to promote a fiscally healthy commonwealth government by attracting , placing and promoting citizens within a complex but rewarding merit system.

Civil service testing is the initial step to a rewarding career in the state and local public services systems. With regional offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, testing centers are located all over the state. Each of these offices also provides several recruitment and job fairs throughout the year.

The SCSC also provides high school, college, and veteran career counseling along with many other specific programs to meet an individual's interests and abilities. The SCSC can be contacted via their web site at

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

The mission of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PDLI) is to improve the work/life balance of existing workers, ensure employee and employer relations maximize efficiency and fairness, and of oversee programs designed to prepare the workforce of the future. The PDLI administers the state's central database for job market analysis, the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis (CWIA), and CareerLink, an online tool to assist in filling and creating vacancies with appropriately trained and educated individuals.

The CWIA has an abundance of functions including reporting on the health and wages of specific occupations; providing job seekers with career statistical and matching systems; assisting employers in recruitment and information on hiring incentives; and educating new, displaced, and relocating worker on how to conduct a job search, where to find training and education, and preparing to enter the workforce.

Pennsylvania has an extensive online assistance web site, CareerLink, to help prospective employees, displaced workers, and employers come together to match candidates to specific occupational needs. The web site, located by visiting, provides information on Pennsylvania's current and future employment projections for both the private and civil service sectors.

CareerLink is available statewide and accesses information on a large scale such as metropolitan areas like Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh down to smaller townships such as Altoona and Scranton. Comprehensive labor market and wage information is available as well as detailed descriptions on back-to-work programs, unemployment benefit information, and future labor market projections.