Career Development and Training in North Carolina

Career Development and Training in North Carolina

Jobs Now

Jobs Now is a state resource for anyone seeking to contribute to a prosperous economic future for North Carolina as a whole. The online portal contains information for those looking to find jobs or new career paths, finance new businesses, bid on open government contracts, and relocate to the Tar Heel state.

Jobs Now also lists up-to-date information on hiring activities of the many international companies who establish headquarters in North Carolina due to its business-friendly regulations and tax environment. Each company link leads to a comprehensive press release on exactly how many jobs are available, the total financial investment in human resources, and facts on when and where the expansion will take place.

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North Carolina Department of Commerce

The North Carolina Department of Commerce (NCDC) is responsible for administration of the state's Workforce Investment Board (WIB). The WIBs were created under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998 to bring workforce development activities to the state level.

In North Carolina, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, $87 million in federal funds were allocated specifically to support strategies necessary to educate and train dislocated, entry-level, and existing workers to more effectively compete within the global economy.

A grant designed to transform North Carolina's energy delivery into a greener, eco-friendly system allows companies to educate new employees and re-train existing workers about the trend toward sustainable power initiatives. Individuals are offered on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and exam opportunities to become certified as solar, weatherization, and natural resources experts.

Another ARRA grant specifically targets areas with high unemployment and poverty rates. Traditionally, residents of these areas worked in manufacturing jobs that are no longer forces in North Carolina's economy.

However, many individuals in these impoverished areas cannot afford the education needed to develop skills needed to become gainfully employed. This particular grant reimburses businesses for extraordinary costs associated with hiring new workers.

The long-term objective for these designated recipients, mostly in rural areas, is to break the treadmill of poverty by transforming local residents into valuable assets. By providing funds to encourage employers to bring on inherently expensive human capital who need technical education, mentoring, and wages while learning, this strategy hopes to boosts household incomes while stimulating downtrodden economies simultaneously.

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Duke Energy Career Development

Duke Energy is headquartered in Charlotte. It is one of the leading energy suppliers in the U.S. This Fortune 500 company serves over four million customers in the Carolinas and several states in the Midwest.

The company is committed to providing clean and sustainable energy. Duke knows that the way to accomplish this mission is through a knowledgeable and highly-skilled workforce.

Duke has made an extensive investment in its career development strategy. From paid internships and co-ops to professional and skilled-craft training, classroom and e-learning programs, Duke makes every effort to educate and advance associates' career paths with the objective of cultivating the company's future leaders.

Duke Energy holds several recruiting events each month. These events are held statewide at educational institutions, job fairs, and regional career expos. For a listing of upcoming events, visit