Career Development and Training in New Hampshire

Career Development and Training in New Hampshire

NH Works

NH Works is a convenient, online portal that brings together both potential employees and employers to find a match that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. It gives job seekers and prospective employers access to several self-service tools such as job searching and posting databases, labor market information, and testing applications.

In-person consultation is available as well through One Stop Career Centers located at multiple sites statewide. Assistance with interviewing, candidate screening, and social service is offered to all United States citizens through the federally mandated Workforce Investment Act. For more information on New Hampshire's career link, NH Works, visit

New Hampshire Job Training Fund

The New Hampshire Job Training Fund (NHJT) is a grant program designed to keep New Hampshire's businesses competitive and growing. The training fund matches employer contributions dollar for dollar to ensure that New Hampshire's job force is a viable resource in the state's economic prosperity.

Any private company that is located in the state or intends to move to or open up for business in New Hampshire and pays taxes into the New Hampshire Unemployment Trust Fund is eligible. In addition, training recipients must be residents of New Hampshire.

This training program is a partnership with the local Community College System (CCS) which also acts as the administrative arm of the program. Classroom and laboratory instruction is offered in several disciplines covering everything from telecommunications to management to information systems. If the CCS does not offer the particular curriculum, a waiver for private outside training may be obtained.

For additional requirements, forms applications and deadlines,

New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services

The New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services offers all municipal, country, state and federal employees seeking to improve skill sets, move into management positions, or change public sector career paths the educational tools to meet their objectives. Through the Bureau of Education and Training, a wide range of courses in computer applications, human resources certifications, and public management are available with the goal of making the people who serve New Hampshire do it at the highest standards

Classroom instruction is also offered for managers. Learning how to handle shifts in resource funding, run departments more productively and economically efficiently, and identify what workforce development options would best serve employees' professional goals are some of the educational curricula created with specifically for those in civil service management.

Applications, course descriptions and other detailed information are available at

New Hampshire Employment Security

New Hampshire Employment Security is the federal resource for those eligible for training services under the federal Trade Act Assistance. Workers who have been displaced or have seen reductions in work schedules and wages due to foreign trade may be eligible for free training programs or financial help to seek education.

This program is exclusive to employees whose companies have been certified by the federal government as being affected by offshore commerce. Therefore, employees may not be aware when they lose their jobs or experience a reduction in wages that their companies may eventually receive federal certification.

One cannot apply for training until a loss or reduction occurs. In the event this should happen, applying for benefits at the New Hampshire unemployment office is the first step. This will start the process of the government reaching out to employees in the event they are interested in these optional training programs. For more information, visit