Career Development and Training in Maine

Career Development and Training in Maine

Competitive Skills Scholarship Program (CSSP)

The Competitive Skills Scholarship Program (CSSP) is a plan that allows non-degreed adults who wish to obtain higher education diplomas in disciplines that concur with Maine's list of high-wage, high demand jobs. It is a flexible opportunity for Mainers over 18 to obtain education in rapidly growing sectors with a median income of $166,000 per year.

Funds, up to $8,000, may be used for things such as childcare and transportation that may not be covered under traditional scholarships. For more information, visit

Maine Health Care Sector Grant

The Maine Health Care Sector Grant (HC Grant) is a $4.9 million grant awarded to the Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Employment & Training Administration of the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) funded this training and education project to increase the amount of credentialed health care workers in Maine by February, 2013.

The HC Grant was established with three main goals in mind. The first goal was to get people back to gainful employment immediately. Unemployed, dislocated, or low-wage earners began applying and enrolling in nursing degree, allied health or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) initiatives in 2011.

The Health Information Technology (HIT) pilot is another example. HIT is designed to fill highly-demanded positions in patient registration, medical office administration and billing.

The second goal involved expanding incumbent skills and knowledge. By promoting more qualified workers, positions were filled with new hires. The training program was rapidly successful. Consequently, no new applicants can be considered until administrators raise more funds.

Expansion of clinical training facilities for prospective nurses is the final goal. Alleviating the wait after classroom instruction for hands-on placement gets nurses onboard faster. For more HC Grant information, visit

The Maine Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship programs are open to employers, employer associations, or labor/management groups with the ability to hire workers who will be training and performing tasks concurrently. On-the-job training is needed for non-service oriented occupations such as construction and manufacturing. Although those industries are dwindling, Maine is still the leading supplier of ships to the U.S. Navy.

There are places for registered apprentices in the professional services/technical sector as well. Hands-on experience is essential in information technology, telecommunications, health care and other occupations that require knowledge-based learning combined with practical tasking to maintain a competitive edge. For more information on availability, compensation, and other MAP details, visits

Lifelong Learning Accounts

The state of Maine is the first in the U.S. to establish this visionary program. The Lifelong Learning Account (LiLA) fosters the employer and employee relationship.

By working together to educate, train and develop skills that will further careers and retain employment by remaining competitive with advanced human resources, the hope is that Maine's economy will flourish. Free counseling is available to both employees and employers to make sure a productive learning strategy matches businesses' objectives. Maine's business community has welcomed LiLA with open arms with a strong participation rate.

The employee makes a monetary contribution into an investment account with the objective of using these funds for career development. Participating employers agree to match the employees' contributions so that the companies' valuable human resources attain necessary skill sets and cutting-edge knowledge which eventually increase bottom lines.