Career Development and Training in Georgia

Career Development and Training in Georgia is web site specifically designed for the displaced worker. It addresses the economic situation and concerns within the sector of an individual's former employer. If the occupation is still viable, recommendations are made for re-entering the field.

However, the site's tagline is "Retrain. Retool. Get Back to Work." The primary objective is to get workers with outdated skill sets interested in pursuing occupations in growing sectors. In partnership with Georgia's Department of Labor, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) designed a motivational resource. By introducing unemployed workers to new fields that they may have never considered, TCSG provides support and guidance encouraging self-help and personal exploration.

The web site takes workers through each step in developing a new career path. The system explains which occupations are predicted to grow, what education and training is needed to pursue employment in those industries and how to fund and remove other barriers in helping one to create a positive outlook about his or her new plan of action.

To learn more about the CollegeThatWorks approach, visit

Destination Teaching

There is a critical need for teachers in Georgia's public school system. There is also a need to upgrade the qualifications and knowledge-bases of existing teachers.

Teachers need to be trained to educate students in curricula designed to transfer over into the sectors where job growth in Georgia is predicted. With rapidly changing technologies, teachers who were educated only two decades ago lack the ability to teach students what they need to know in fields such as information technology and biotechnology.

High school graduates need increasingly complex scientific and analytical skills to access most jobs that pay more than minimum wage. By 2018, twenty percent of all jobs in Georgia will be related to health care. Students that do not pursue higher education will need basic public school subject material that meets the requirements of even the lowest paying jobs.

To address these shortages while tackling Georgia's unemployment problem, several initiatives have been created to get existing teachers certifications for upper-level courses and give entry-level teachers support to remain in the public school system. In addition, individuals with bachelor degrees who are interested in pursuing a teaching career may be eligible to do so without obtaining a degree in education.

TeachGeorgia - TeachGeorgia is an online tool that provides a job search engine, an online resume posting tool, information on job fairs, and the steps on how to upgrade skills. The site also provides a listing of certifications and their requirements as well as funding sources to help teachers become better qualified in preparing students for today's workforce or higher education opportunities. For more information, visit

Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy ( GATAPP) - GATAPP is a program designed for individuals who would like to transition into teaching, possess bachelor degrees, but do not have teaching education degrees. A combination of classroom instruction, hands-on learning, coaching and mentoring will allow individuals to become certified to teach in specific areas without having college degrees with majors in education. To learn more, visit