Career Development and Training in Florida

Career Development and Training in Florida

Workforce Florida, Inc.

Workforce Florida, Inc. is a state initiative to encourage workforce training among Florida's private business and industry. There are two main objectives. First, existing employers needed programs designed to ramp up education and training of existing workers in order to remain viable entities in their particular industries.

Several collaborations between public and private partners in everything from funding to education developed into a comprehensive strategy to make sure all employed Floridians stay that way and the displaced or unemployed find valuable opportunities.

Development of high school and college students is the second key goal of many of the programs. In order to stimulate the economy, drawing businesses to Florida is essential. With a highly educated and skilled workforce, Florida becomes a consideration for corporate expansion.

Quick Response Training and Incumbent Worker Training

Quick Response Training (QRT) and Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) are programs designed to help existing companies maintain workforce hours and avoid employee layoffs and cutbacks by advancing skill sets and stay on the cutting-edge of new technology. Both the QRT and IWT grants provide private and public funding for customized training to existing for-profit businesses.

These are flexible programs for small and medium-sized businesses that are committed to avoiding job cuts. Instructor and trainer salaries, textbooks, manuals, curriculum assistance and many other tools are reimbursed through the IWT providing valuable training without additional expense.

The Career and Professional Education Act

The Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act was created with students in mind. Florida's government seeks to solidify the partnership between all players in economic development. Educators, industries, and workforces each have a role in CAPE.

CAPE's objective is to keep high-value sectors thriving by retaining existing business and attracting new entities by developing a knowledge-based economy. Specialized certifications needed for gainful and sustaining employment are being offered to high school, college, and adult education students. Courses in everything from accounting to aircraft engine mechanics are offered. Hundreds of certifications are available which target Florida's rapidly growing sectors and occupations that offer excellent wages as well.

Along with the IWT, QRT, and CAPE, Workforce Florida, Inc. offers many other programs intended to get people working with the goal of returning Florida to its status as an economic powerhouse. To learn more about these efforts, visit

Employ Florida

Employ Florida gives the Sunshine State's citizens online and in-person access to career services. Designed as part of the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the self-service online portal includes job databases, skill set self-assessments, labor market facts and figures, resume and interview pointers and many other resources that give Floridians access to the tools needed to become gainfully employed.

One Stop Centers (OSC) are conveniently located walk-in offices that provide personal assistance regarding employment, education, and training services. These offices support employers as well as individuals in communities statewide. Employers often use the OSC to screen and test candidates for open positions as a mechanism for reducing turnover by appropriately matching employee with employer.