Career Development and Training in Delaware

Career Development and Training in Delaware

The Delaware Workforce Investment Board

The Delaware Workforce Investment Board (DWIB) was created for Delaware residents with the consideration of the head-of-household employee (or employees) and their families in mind. Providing the opportunities to access living wages needed to sustain the family as a whole is the central objective DWIB hopes to accomplish by offering occupational training and employment services.

The DWIB maintains partnerships with public and private business to ensure that suitable candidates are matched with appropriate positions. The Workforce Investment Act, which uses federal funds to support a significant portion of public and private budgets allocated for employment entry and re-entry, is the major component of the DWIB.

The focus is to assist three specific groups, youth, blue-collar adults, and dislocated adults overcome redundant barriers keeping them from maintaining gainful employment. By providing tools such as adult education, GED accreditation, on-the-job training partnerships, apprenticeships, etc., the DWIB works to turn hard-to-hire individuals into productive members of the workforce.


Delaware211 is a referral service for Delaware residents that includes many resources including employment assistance and job training and adult education. The easy-to-remember "211" service, which connects individuals to an operator who will assist in directing the job seeker to the appropriate entity, is supported by United Way of Delaware, the State of Delaware, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The free service is administered in Delaware by First State Community Action.

Delaware Human Resource Management (DHRM), Employment Services

This is an excellent source of information for those interested in public sector or civil service jobs with the state of Delaware. It is also offers a wealth of certification training courses and testing; mentoring programs, computer education, career assessments for existing state and local employees interested in boosting skill sets or changing careers.

There is a strong advocacy for individuals to consider management positions within public services. Executive development, human resources management, and leadership training classroom programs are encouraged to a great extent. The DHRM web site details what organizational skills, technical competencies, and other factors are necessary to advance careers within the civil sector. To contact DHRM, visit

Delaware JobLink

Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Employment and Training has designed an online portal to bring together job seekers with the appropriate employers. The web site can be used exclusively in a self-service manner or as a complement to the One-Stop Centers (OSC) located in Dover, Georgetown, Newark and Wilmington. The web site address is

The Delaware JobLink allows individuals to set up a job search account which organizes one's job search by keeping track of applications, updating profile data and creating email alerts when openings become available that coordinate with the profile. Employees can also perform quick or advanced searches of current vacancies, and create and post resumes for a database exclusively for employer searches.

Personal assistance is offered at the One-Stop Centers for both potential employees and employers. Counselors are available to assist those looking for work with writing resumes, reviewing profiles and advising which occupations would be suitable according to education, experience and skill sets. For employers, the One-Stop Center staff may screen potential candidates and ask for referrals based on OSC assessment. To contact an OSC office, visit