Career Development and Training in Connecticut

Career Development and Training in Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Labor Job Career ConneCTion

The Connecticut Department of Labor administers one of the most extensive web sites for those looking for gainful work, seeking a career change, recruiting employees, and finding solutions to encourage, sustain, and propagate the employee/employer relationship. The Job Career ConneCTion (JCC) has separate sub-links for the CT Apprenticeship System, veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce and page offering a unique re-employment appraisal tool as well.

JCC is a self-service online tool is designed to help people find work based on what education and skill sets they already possess, professional personalities, and career objectives. A five-step system of career tools, such as the Personality Profiler, gives individuals an introspective and realistic look at who they are, what they are capable of achieving, andhow to get there.

After completing the first step, assessment, steps two through four involve researching several databases to find occupations of what additional education, training, and skill requirements a person may need to find success. A database of education and training providers along with an employer and job search tool are up-to-date resources available on JCC when professional paths are set.

Finally, step five offers job seeker services. Everything from no-cost federal Workforce Investment Act Once Stop Career Center resources and locations to how to use social networking in find sustaining employment is covered under the JCC.

The job seeker portal on the web site also provides links to commercial employment databases such as Monster and Riley and information on loans, scholarships and grants. Government resources such as the U.S. Department of Labor and LMI Statistical Data and non-profit career counseling experts and credentialing agencies such as the National Career Development Association are also featured.

To learn more, visit the JCC at or

Connecticut Career Fairs

Connecticut Career Fairs (CCF) is a not-for-profit organization conducted by the State of Connecticut. Its main objective is to provide a low-cost outlet for job seekers and employers to meet in person to determine if an individual's career goals and qualifications suit specific employer needs.

Several career fairs are held throughout the year statewide. Local companies, technical schools, and other community organizations pay a small fee for booth space. Each booth provides space, tables, chairs, and other amenities for employees to research businesses, fill out applications, or sit down for brief interviews. The fee basically covers the cost of producing these events which includes extensive media advertising, direct mailings, rental fees, utilities, and employer lunches.

Since the CCFs program began, over 10,000 attendees have met with over 450 employers in hopes of finding a mutually beneficial relationship. The Workforce Investment Act One Stop Career Centers, Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions, and community social services also provide guidance to CCF to evaluate the specific needs of the unemployed in a specific area and how commercial enterprise can help fill those voids.

Each fair also provides resume and cover letter writing workshops, interviewing tips, and information for veterans looking to enter the civilian marketplace. For more information, visit